Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy 15th!!!

Can't imagine our family or life without Alec.
He is always up to some sort of funny antics.

Funny poses at family photos or wearing his sister's hat!

Alec is becoming a great lacrosse player.
It is so fun to watch him play and see how
much he has grown and developed in the sport.

-Full of fun
-Friend to everyone
-Very smart
-A jokester/prankster
-Has a tender heart
-Has always been my buddy and I love that
-Loves music
-Great Piano Player
-Strong testimony of the gospel
-Has lots of friends
-Lacrosse, Basketball and Golf are his sports
-Easy going
-Getting so tall
-Volunteers for talks and to play the piano in Seminary
(I love that he does this)

You are growing into an incredible young man.
Dad and I are so very proud of who you are becoming
and all that you do.
We love you!
Happy 15th Birthday!!
Time to go get your permit!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy 20th Birthday

You are a beautiful young woman!
From the moment you were born,
you have brought happiness, laughter,
energy and lots of love into our family.
You are incredibly smart, beautiful,
hilarious sense of humor, loyal,
loving, the life of a party, easy going
and have strong beliefs.

Dad and I are so very proud of the woman
you have become and all that you
have done and continue to do.
We are so blessed to be your parents.

We hope your day is fabulous!
Lots of Love,
Mom & Dad

Happy Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

she's feeling 22

Happy Birthday Kenzie!

She's feeling 22 today!
Happy Happy Birthday Kenzie!

Kenzie is extremely talented, an amazing teacher,
kind, loyal, has strong convictions,
faithful,  smart beyond her years,
loving, has a beautiful testimony, hard worker,
an incredible daughter, sister and friend.

Dad and I love you very much!
We are so proud of all you have accomplished 
and continue to accomplish.  You are an
amazing woman and we are so blessed
to be your parents.  
From the moment you were born,
you have brought so much fun,
laughter and happiness to our family.
You are a fabulous sister to Jensen and Alec.

We wish you much happiness, success
and an amazing year!
Lots of Love,
Mom and Dad

Friday, May 16, 2014


Happy Birthday!

Oh, boy do we love this boy!
He keeps us on our toes.  It is never a dull
moment with him.  
We are so very blessed that he is a part of our family.
The time has sure flown by!

1. Alec loves to be with friends
2. He loves to be goofy and silly when it is picture time
3. Loves pasta
4. Can usually be found reading a book when he should be sleeping
5. Loves to play Lacrosse
6. Has a quick and witty sense of humor
7. Great student
8. Has always had a passion for music
9. Loves when his big sisters come to the house
10. Loves sour candy
11. Strong convictions
12. Great friend
13. Loves to snuggle on the couch
14. Incredible young man

Dad and I are so very proud of you.
You are growing up to be an amazing
young man with endless potential.
We are so blessed to be your parents.
Keep working hard and staying strong!
We love you buddy!
Mom and Dad

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Happy 19th Birthday Jensen!

Dad and I are so very proud of you!
You are rocking it in BYU "Marriott School of Business."
You have brought so much laughter, happiness
and joy to our family.
We are blessed to be your parents!
We love you!
Mom and Dad 

Tid Bits about Jensen;

1. Loves to give hugs and cuddle
2. Always been very determined and dedicated
3. Huge Testimony
4. Loves her brother and sister
5. Very inquisitive
6. Loyal
7. Has a strong moral conviction
8. Fabulous sense of humor
9. Fashionista from a very young age
10. Accident prone
11. Oh, so very smart
12. Loves to bake and cook
13. Dance has played a huge part of her life
14. Loves to go on a "food crawl"
15. Miss Independent
16. Loves to read
17. Can quote any movie
18. Life of the party
19. Not afraid to take a risk

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Look Who is "21!"

A very Happy Birthday to our oldest who is turning 21 today!

Dad and I love you beyond words.
You are an amazing, talented, smart, witty and beautiful woman.
We are so very proud of you and blessed to be your parents.
We love you!
Happy Birthday!
Mom and Dad

A little bit about Kenzie...

1. She is called the "Child Whisperer" (kids of all ages love her)
2. Very well respected and highly regarded as a teacher
3. Huge Testimony of the Savior and the gospel
4. Loves to tease her little brother
5. Has accomplished so much in her life
6. Very loyal
7. Dedicated to whatever she sets her mind to do
8. Loves to play the piano
9. Love her dry and sarcastic humor
10. Her 6th graders love her 
11. Very shy in new situations
12. Learning to try new things
13. Very competitive
14. Has a very tender heart
15. Loves a Route 44 Diet Coke with Vanilla
16. Not afraid of hard work
17. Beautiful
18. Loves her sister (may not always show it)
19. Has strong convictions
20. Great example
21. Smart, smart, smart

Happy, Happy Birthday Kenzie!

Friday, November 1, 2013

This is it!

Today is the day!  I am having my final surgery!
I enter this with mixed emotions.
Excited to be at this point, can't believe it is finally here,
scared to be having surgery again, hopeful that the
outcome will be what I want, blessed to have an
incredible and amazing plastic surgeon...Dr. Mark Jensen
and the most fabulous husband who has been there
every step of the way.

Through this journey I have had to remind myself
that "Things will work out".
I believe in my doctor, I have faith that my
Heavenly Father is watching over me and
has a plan for me and I have tried to be happy.
I have been strengthened and comforted by
the countless prayers on my behalf. 

Dr. Mark Jensen is such a caring doctor.
This week at his office he held a lunch in honor
of those patients who are fighting, surviving or
are a previvor of breast cancer.
It was a great experience to be around all those
incredible women.  

Today is the final step in the reconstruction process.
Nine weeks ago I had my first surgery.
Due to an amazing recovery I am
able to have this next surgery so soon.
This is called the expander exchange.
The expanders will be replaced with implants 
(no more foobies!),
Dr. Jensen will do some lipo so that the fat may be
used to help contour and fill where I no longer have tissue.
I will also be receiving a mastopexy (lift).
It is a total makeover.  I am anxious to
see the final results. Dr. Jensen is excited
for this surgery and the outcome.
Recovery should be much easier and shorter.
I have been reassured that the worst is over.
There is always a worry about infection, rejection
or some other complication, but Dr. Jensen feels
that all should go smoothly.

What a roller coaster ride of six months! 
Can't wait to see my final results.

Thank you everyone for all the love, support,
prayers, cards, flowers, and food.
I have such fabulous friends, family, neighbors
and ward members.